Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get all the rare titles from:

We source rare films from all over the world. DVDs are supplied to us in region 0 or region 1+2 DVD format, the more rare videos VHS are from personal collections or direct from collectors. All the videos will be PAL (Europe / Australasia) format. Most video systems are capable of playing both but we would advise you check your system first.

Video conversion:

We convert footage you own personally such as your wedding day and family memories. We transfer using only the highest quality equipment and materials. The average transfer time is about 1 week. We strongly advise you send valuable items by registered post or a courier service. We will keep a backup copy for a period of one month from the job completion date as a safeguard against lost or damaged items. We would suggest you contact us within one month if you require further copies.
Film copyrights:

All the films in our catalogue are supplied as original Videos or in region 2/ region 0 DVDs. Certain films we can supply on DVD-r format where we have obtained permission from the existing copyright holder or in the public domain (where copyright ownership no longer applies). We are currently updating our catalogue to comply with FACT and BBFC regulations. In all cases where you see a title for sale unavailable elsewhere it is either in the public domain (where copyright ownership no longer applies) or we have been granted permission by a principal copyright holder. If any copyright holder has. We will not create a DVD Backup of any VHS if you do not personally own the original VHS first in accordance with this copyright law.

Fair use is a doctrine in US copyright law that allows for the limited use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the copyright holders. While the conditions this applies can be myriad and complex, it does allow you to copy and record programs off the TV. While the term "fair use" is exclusively American, many countries also recognize a similar concept but the rules are slightly different so you should do your own research on what your rights are.

However copyright law is a very complex area and unfortunately we can't provide specific information on the legality of making backup copies or transferring format from video to DVD for your own personal use. We rely on you the customer to check this out before sending your video. By placing an order you as the customer are accepting full liability for any copyright issues that may arise.

Back up your Video on to DVD:

It is not illegal to create a DVD back up, but it must be from the original video and owned by you, for your personal use only. The DVD backup and video must remain together at all times, you cannot sell the video without the DVD back up or vice versa. Hence when you purchase this service I don't charge you for the DVD itself, I only charge you for the case and service. You have the rights to back up your original video to DVD, but the DVD has to remain for your own personal use only. also not for re-sale. Most of the films on this site are in the public domain (where copyright ownership no longer applies), where this is the case I offer you to purchase the DVD on its own, if it is a back up you will need to buy the original video also. By placing an order you as the customer are accepting full liability for any copyright issues that may arise.

How long does the process take?

Typically straight transfers are sent out the same day, 2 days at most. Productions requiring editing, standards conversion, menus etc.. may take longer up to 7 working days. If you need to conversion in a hurry please let us know at the time of ordering. There may be an additional charge to expedite your order.